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 Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2

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Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Empty
PostSubject: Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2   Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 9:57 pm

Alright people there is going to be a 36 hour release of a special edition clock 5 IT WILL BE POSTED AT 11:00 PM EST TONIGHT 6/17/09 AND WILL BE REMOVED AT 11:00 AM FRIDAY 6/19/09 ONCE ITS GONE ITS GONE

Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Specia10 4x3 36 hour release Clock 5 special edition alright times up there was 75 downloads of thid clock glad people liked this clock

All right well i found the HERO clocks some of them. If you get these working on other ROM's or theme's post them here its greatly appreciated and let us know what you think if anything needs to be changed or know how to add the date to the dial its greatly appreciated

A big thanks to Manup for clocks 4, 5 and 6 & also to chrisag92 for clocks 1, 2, 3 and 7 and all of the 2x2 clocks & to tehseano for the day and night clock which can also be found on his HTC HERO theme thread & also to xidominicanoix for his Clockwidgetswitcher & also to th4r for his script to change the clocks on the go and please don't steal their work without asking please

Confirmed Working On

The Dudes Cupcake1.3RC1 [AOSP ADP1.5]

JF 1.51 ADP 1.5

Google/HTC Ion

CyanogenMod 3.4 1.5r2


If you get these to work on other ROMS or themes please post

Note: When you post, post which of the clocks your using so we can get an idea of which ones are most popular and if you like them or not Thanks

Well thanks to th4r we can now change the clock on our phones people

Heres the link and his instruction

For both methods you will need to extract the files to you sd card this can be done with any file manager app I recommend Androzip

Make sure the folder this creates after you have extracted the files is on the main part of your SD not in your browser's downloads folder. Because if its in the Downloads folder terminal emulator will NOT find it

Method 1

Using regular terminal emulator

Type this exactly as shown DO NOT TYPE SU FIRST

cd /sdcard/cws-term-0.1
<-- enter

and then type:

<-- Enter

sh -1
<-- Enter (for clock1. type with no options to se help)

Then just reload your clock widget and bam done

Method 2

Using Gscript and Betterterminal

Just put in your gscript folder on your sdcard

In betterterminal type


and then launch gscript and press

menu -> add script

tap "load file "

and choose --> tap Save

then launch cws-gscript-start with gscript.

Here is ClockwidgetSwitcher v1.6 This is for Windows THIS DOES NOT GO ON YOUR PHONE


  1. Download file
  2. Extract the contents
  3. Go into main folder
  4. Run clockwidget.exe
  5. Follow on-screen instructions

To Use the clocks rename them on your s.d card and push it through VIA (ALT S)

PS This will become your default

All Clocks are 4x3 and now 2x2

Night Clock

Day Clock

2x2 Day Clock

Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Previe10Clock 1

2x2 Clock 1

Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Previe11Clock2

2x2 Clock 2

Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Previe13Clock 3

2x2 Clock 3

Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Previe14Clock 4

2x2 Clock 4

Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Previe15Clock 5

2x2 Clock 5

Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Previe16Clock 6

2x2 Clock 6

Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Previe17Clock 7\

2x2 Clock 7

We are not held responsible for any damaged or bricked phones or broken SD cards

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Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2   Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2 EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 11:39 pm

heya is it possible to have images next to the link? scratch

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Hero Clocks Now 4x3 and 2x2
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