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 Partitioning your SD card with Paragon for Apps 2 SD

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PostSubject: Partitioning your SD card with Paragon for Apps 2 SD   Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:08 pm

***DISCLAIMER*** I am not responsible for any mishaps done to your G1 or your SD Card. Proceed at your own risk. If you have questions please leave your comments and any1 will be glad to help :-)

NOW you need to download Paragon Partition Manager found here.

(While waiting for the download)
Make sure you take everything off your SD card and move it to a file on your desktop so you wont lose anything. You will be formatting your SD card which deletes everything om your card.

1. After your done downloading the file extract the file onto your desktop.
2. Make sure your G1 is plugged into the USB and mounted. (its best to use a card reader but I know a lot of us don't have 1)
3. Open the folder and click and open the Paragon Partition Manager.
4. Then click on the bottom option on the right and open Partition Manager 9.0.
5. You will then see all the drives hooked up to your computer. Your G1 will say (HTC Android Phone USB Device), click on that.
6. Right click on the Logical Disk under your SD Card Hard Disk and click on Format Partition.
7. Choose FAT32 for the file system and click Format.
8. It will then ask you to click Apply at the top, click that.
9. Click Create Partition on the top left corner and choose the correct Hard Disk (says HTC Android USB Device) then click Next
10. Move the bar to the size you want the new partition to be. (Do not exceed 1500MB, its known to cause problems, 500MB is plenty) then click Next.
11. Select the Partition type and choose Linux EXT3 and click Next.
12. It will then ask you again to Apply the changes, let it apply the changes and then it will ask you to restart your PC DO NOT unplug your phone or interrupt in any way, restart the computer.

After your computer boots back up mount your SD Card and reopen Paragon Partition Manager and you will then see your 2 partitions on your SD card.


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PostSubject: Format sd card with paragon partition manager   Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:57 am

First Download Paragon Partion and install:

This is a Guide on how to partitioning your sd card with paragon partition manager… There is many different ways, including a script an xda forum member created, and ubuntu as well.. But I bum paragon partition manager might be the best for all people who don’t know how to use Linux very much..

• Things you will need:

• An SDCARD (obviously lol)

• SDcard read (very recommended)

• Paragon partition manager (find a trial or something)

• LucidREM MOdded version of JF 1.42 and or manually make the system edits found here


Open up partition manager you will see a screen like this one below click where it says partition manager

Step 2: after that he program will start, you will see all yoru haddrivers ect make sure u work on the sd card it should say it and you will notice it because of the size..

Step3: click on move and resize partition, on the sd card if not already formatted as FAT32 than right click on the sd card click format and format it as FAT32 or.. if no format option appears, click create partition and make a FAT32 partition as primary..

Step 4: once that is done… and u have your fat32 do as said before click resize move and make atleats 500 mb space.. Not recommended to make a large more than 1 gb but if you wish be my guess J tho I think 600 mb is more than enough

As you can see.. I move it and created a 423 mb space which I will use for my ext2 partition.

So now you will have something like this listed

Step 5:

Right click on the partition that says unallocated.. and select create partition from the menu

Once that is done you will be taken to a screen like this

Where it says “please select tile system for new partition” select ext2 from the menu. If you wish insert a label if not leave blank. Leave all settings as they were.

Click ok now back to the main screen on top click apply to make all changes

Once you click apply a new window will appear doing the changes

Once it finishes the cancel button will change to a close button click it and you are done.. Sometimes it might ask you to reboot sometimes not that depends… Now all you need to do is insert the sd card back to the g1 and you are finished well not really here are some things you might need to do

as said before you need LucidREM moded jf file which can be found here if you wan’t to do it uyour self here is a couple of thread which might help you out
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PostSubject: Re: Partitioning your SD card with Paragon for Apps 2 SD   Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:17 pm

Thank you for that awesome Tutorial


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PostSubject: Re: Partitioning your SD card with Paragon for Apps 2 SD   

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Partitioning your SD card with Paragon for Apps 2 SD
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