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 T-Mobile (HTC) G1 Tricks I Didn’t Know – Part 2

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PostSubject: T-Mobile (HTC) G1 Tricks I Didn’t Know – Part 2   Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:04 pm

A few weeks ago, I put a post on some G1 tricks. Since then, there’s been a lot of additional questions and finding. So here’s what I’ve collected since then.

How to upload pictures to your picasa web album:

On your PC:
- Login to your google picasa account.
- Go to settings.
- Scroll down to “Upload Photos by Email”.
- Check “Allow me to upload photos by email
- Enter your secret word (which creates an email address to send pics to)
- Click save settings

On your phone:
- Create a new contact with the email address created when you made your secret word.
- When you want to upload a pic, click SHARE and then GMAIL and send it to your new contact! To put the picture in a specific folder, put that folder name in the subject of the email.

How to save pictures in text messages:

Currently, you cannot directly save pictures embedded in text messages. Hopefully, Google will fix this in their next Android update. An alternative solution is to:
1. Forward text to your GMAIL email account > check email > save attachment

What is the G1 made of (chipsets, etc.) ?

tmobile g1 inside made of

Storage space and speeding up the phone:

All apps are stored to phone. You might run out of memory if you download a lot of apps, even if you have a large SD card. All downloads, music, videos and media are stored on the memory card. There is no easy way to change it for now.

To do a hard reset and format your phone with out losing your files on the card,
1. HOLD power button and shut down the phone.
2. Hold HOME and RED POWER down for 25 seconds until you see a triangle with an exclamation mark in it. Keep holding it down even though the G1 logo shows up.
3. Now you can do 4 things.
Home+Back reboot system now – (Soft Reboot)
Alt+L – Toggle log text display – (Toggles between the exclamation and menu options)
Alt+S – apply
Alt+W – Wipe data/factory reset – (Out of Box reset need to re-register.)
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T-Mobile (HTC) G1 Tricks I Didn’t Know – Part 2
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